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Depression and thyroid
Depression can be a hypothyroid symptom and hypothyroidism can
cause depression. The best way to address it is to optimize thyroid.
Even when low thyroid is not the root cause of depression, optimizing
thyroid hormones is therapeutic.
T3 therapy for depression
In various trials, T3 has been shown to be effective as primary or
adjunct therapy for depression, even when antidepressants or
cognitive therapy were not successful. In one trial, a dose of 50 mcgs
of T3 was 50 percent more effective than the usual antidepressants
with significantly less side effects.
Antidepressants affect the HPA axis
Depressed individuals have been found to have increased HPA axis
activity, i.e., excess production of cortisol. The method of action of
antidepressants is now understood to be related to changes they cause
in the receptors for corticosteroids, which attenuate this exaggerated
cortisol response. Since we know low thyroid function pushes the
adrenals to increase activity in order to pick up the slack -- sometimes
to the point of causing adrenal fatigue -- it is not surprising that
correcting low thyroid function can reverse depression.